Node++ is an asynchronous HTTP(S) engine and backend framework for low-latency C/C++ web applications and RESTful APIs.

It's more than twice as fast as Spring Boot and five times faster than Node.js.

C++ backend can render pages in microseconds, even with a database, when used with our efficient DAO/ORM class (see live demo).

Why is Node++ faster than other engines?

Write your web app in C++ (or even in C) and enjoy instant responses and almost free hosting! Your pocket, users and your planet will say big THANK YOU!

Latest version


if ( REQ("resource") ) { if ( QS("param", value) ) OUT("<p>Hello, %s!</p>", value); }


Getting started

Linux & macOS


mkdir npp_hello

tar xpzf nodepp_3.2.0.tar.gz -C npp_hello

cd npp_hello/src



You need to have GCC installed, see our Cheat Sheets for your system.



mkdir npp_hello

Extract to npp_hello

cd npp_hello\src



MinGW (GCC for Windows) is recommended as a compiler (see Windows Setup).


Complete 4-page application example is included in the package (see src/npp_app.cpp on Github).