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About us

Jurek Muszyński

Old grumpy pro.

He was developing software in the financial industry across Europe for 20 years (Poland, Germany and the UK). One of his jobs was to deliver data to the front end, searching through several billions of records, within milliseconds. He was also working on high-availability payment cards' back-end system and on the banking APIs. Currently in the security tools R&D team in Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.

When left alone without computer, makes noise with guitar, bass or drums.

Late spring is usually booked for his photography – film and digital (Polish-only site at the moment).

rekmus on Github.

Leon Muszyński

Young enthusiast.

While his old grumpy father considers Craigslist to be the perfect front-end design example, he makes this website the better-looking place. He also programs CS plugins, JavaScript and some C++. Looking forward to the bright, full-stack future.